About Seema


In a cruel world of nonsense poetry and soprano music, she is a rare ray of hope for the discerning lovers of meaningful poetry and soulful music.

In a social milieu fraught with nonchalance towards the slaughter of melody and tunefulness, Seema brings forth freshness of the choicest poetry composed with the finesse of a plastic surgeon in soft, melodious and catchy tunes. And she serves it with the elegance of a Russian ballerina to her perceptive listeners through her mellifluous voice in a highly evocative style.

Variously described as the ‘singing sensation from Jammu & Kashmir’, the ‘Peace Singer of India’, and ‘rarity in a world of nonsense music’ Seema Anil Sehgal has the matchless distinction of composing and taking to the masses the most profound poetry of Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Dogri languages.


Seema has effectively employed her music with meaningful poetry to establish peace and communal harmony in immediate society and the world at large.

Since January 2002, she has been singing her especially devised Peace Concerts in different parts of India and abroad to bring the two estranged nations India and Pakistan as also the two estranged communities Hindus and Muslims closer through her music.


In 1998, when it was a taboo to speak of reconciliation with Pakistan, Seema composed and sang an entire music album dedicated to Indo-Pak amity.

Prime Minister A B Vajpayee presented her album SARHAD, as a national gift, to his erstwhile Pakistani counterpart during the historic LAHORE SUMMIT, in Feb 1999. This is world’s only album thus presented by the head of a state.


Seema has a number of firsts to her credit:

1. Composed & sang VAISHNO MAA DATI, the first ever album of Dogri devotional songs (1986)

2. Composed & sang SARHAD, the first-ever album on the poetry of renowned Urdu poet, Jnanpith Award winner, Ali Sardar Jafri (1998)

3. Composed and sang SITARON SE AAGE JAHAN AUR BHI HAIN, world’s first solo album on the poetry of Allama Iqbal, perhaps the greatest Urdu poet of 20th century (2003)

3. Composed and sang the first ever concerts of renowned Urdu poets like Khuda-e-Sukhan Mir Taqi Mir (1986), Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1988), Ali Sardar Jafri (1998) and legendary philosopher-poet Allama Iqbal (2003)


Numerous honours bestowed on her include the Robe of Honour and a Gold Medal awarded by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 2006, Seema was honored with prestigious Hakim Khan Sur Award for national integrity. Earlier awardees include Lata Mangeshkar and the Dalai Lama.


Seema is the only Indian singer felicitated at the prestigious Harvard University, Boston, USA.

She lives in Mumbai, and can be reached through email monkindia@gmail.com and cell phone +91-98695 77545


Seema is a rarity in an age where all paths lead to nonsense lyrics and too much rhythm. She breaks away from the beaten track of high-pitched voices. Seema does not just render the song; she savours each word, taking the listener along with her on a delightful journey.

–The Times of India

Without doubt, Seema Anil Sehgal is one of the finest singers of the ghazal. One values her, above anything else, for pursuing a natural line of expression which does not divide or distract but deepens the clear stream of emotions.

Ornamentations there are in plenty in Seema’s music. But, these are so natural to her throat that they are executed without any effort of body or mind, without any fanfare.

Her well-groomed throat faithfully carries out the injunctions of a rich imagination. Thus, the decorative figures keep a low profile.

In other singers of light music, the ornament is calculatedly and prominently displayed in the show window. In Seema, it is a way of her singing, an in-built quality of her voice. Hence, it is unobtrusive and unimposing.

Seema sings in a richly intoned voice, vibrant with feeling and capable of all shades of emotion…

__The Hindu

THE Memorable evening was filled with the soulful rendition of Ghalib’s couplets by Seema Anil Sehgal. She rendered the lyrics in a style that has the force and the spontaneity of a hilly rivulet and placidity of the Ganges.

Her youthful exuberance, a melodious voice with great range and phrases clothed in most appropriate swara combinations earned the inspired appreciation of the audience.

__The Indian Express: New Delhi

SEEMA is essentially a purist in the classical style of ghazal singing. She is endowed with a powerful and melodious voice. Her pronounciation is meticulous and flawless. She has control over rhythm and tune. She effectively uses her formidable understanding of intricate nuances of classical Indian music and composes her ghazals in simple, catchy and impressive tunes based on various raagas.

__The Hindustan Times

It would be an understatement to describe her as the pride of Jammu & Kashmir who brought glory and honour to her birthplace and its people. As a singing sensation, particularly in the genre of Urdu ghazal, Seema Anil Sehgal has crossed such sub-national barriers and belongs to the entire sub-continent.

__The Kashmir Times: Jammu Tawi

Jnanpith Award winner Padma Shri Ali Sardar Jafri

Urdu poetry renditions of Seema remind you of the style, diction and pronunciation of the language that, as we learn, were once adopted and practiced by the Mughal princesses in the Red Fort.

Dadasahib Phalke Award winner Padma Vibhushan Naushad Ali

May God grant me an opportunity wherein I could utilize your mellifluous voice in my songs…

Renowned Tabla Maestro Padma Bhushan Alla Rakha

O nightingale from Jammu and Kashmir! May the fragrance of your melodious and soulful voice spread to all corners of the world…

Renowned Urdu poet from Pakistan Qateel Shifai

It gives me pleasure that I too am joining her fan club…

Renowned Urdu Poet Ahmed Faraz

Most of the singers of repute have sung my ghazals with due respect. I have never felt the urge to request any singer to sing my poetry. But, after hearing you sing my poems in your soulful voice, I, for the first time ever, feel the urge to tell you to compose my poems in your inimitable style and sing them for an album in your charming voice.

Legendary thespian Padma Bhushan Dilip Kumar

…a reason to celebrate that there are young and enthusiastic singers of your class and caliber…. Your creations foster conditions in which music can breathe….

13 thoughts on “About Seema

  1. By chance , for the first time,I heard her ob YouTube. After Begum Akhtar, she is the only one who impressed me. Her voice, stle, presentation, and coorect pronunciation of words impressed me immensely.
    Can I get any CDs of her ghazals?

    • Janab Izhar sahib, Aadaab. I have received your email also reminding me of Mere Dil Mere Musafir. Seema recorded it in a live concert at Lahore and I would soon send it to you. Thanks for all your love. We wish you health and happiness. Yours, Sqn Ldr Anil Sehgal

      • Still waiting Anil sahib . I gave you my card in Long Island when faiz was celebrated but never could get the CD which included ‘meray dil meray musafar’ . I counted on your promise . The CD I bought during that function did not include this . At least guide me how to buy the CD . It is one year almost that you promised ‘ mail at :-
        7 Meadow gate East , St James ,NY 11780 USA .
        I will reimburse the cost promptly ? Izhar u .Haque MD

  2. Seemaji , I met you in your program with Sri.Mohd.Hussain-Ahmed Hussain, Ashok Srivastav,
    Prakash Parnerkar at Nagda,in Ujjain Distt. I wish to listen your old gazal – Ek hi rang hai tab phir yeh tamasha kaisa………

  3. I am still waiting for the promised CD after two years ! You took my address when Seema Jii performed in Long Island celebrating Faiz . It is sad that I have no way to get this piece of her very best performance during that event !
    Izhar Haque MD
    7 Meadowgate East ,
    Saint James ,NY 11780

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